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Parts cross reference

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Where do the parts on your Esprit come from?


Many of the parts on the Esprit originated from other cars - well known examples are the Morris Marina / Range Rover door handles and the Toyota rear light clusters on the Stevens X180.


I am building up a list of alternative parts, primarily for the Stevens and S4 cars since that’s what I have, but some parts for earlier cars are included too.  It is worth noting that some parts, like the Renault 21 turbo gearbox for example, were modified by Lotus so you may not get the same quality by using non-Lotus parts.  That said, many parts are exactly the same, you just pay a premium for someone putting them in a Lotus bag.


Please note:  I am doing this in the hope that it will be useful.  It is intended as a guide only and you should take further steps to ensure that any part you order or use is correct and fit for purpose.  I take no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this list.  I am not liable if you purchase an incorrect part or for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from this list.  You use both the list and any alternative parts at your own risk.


If you know of the original source for an Esprit part or if you have any corrections, improvements or additions, then please e-mail me so that I can update the list.



The list is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the banner.