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Fuel breather hose replacement

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Fuel smell in passenger compartment?


Id read on the Lotus Esprit Fact File that a strong smell of fuel in the cabin is common on Esprits. This can be due rusted and leaking fuel tanks, but fortunately my petrol tanks had been recently replaced by the previous owner.


The other common cause is the fuel breather hose which is prone to degradation and failure. Petrol fumes then escape into the area above the engine bay quarter trim panels and into the passenger compartment via the seatbelt apertures. On my car, the smell got worse with the sunroof or windows open.


It is a simple and inexpensive job to replace the fuel breather hose which can be undertaken by even the least experienced DIY mechanic.


You will need:

Cross blade screwdriver

Medium and small flat blade screwdrivers

2.2 meters of 10mm bore, internally braided fuel hose (external diameter approx 17mm)

Stanley knife (to cut new hose to length)

2 x jubilee clips

A cup of tea


The job will take you about an hour.