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I seem to be collecting Lotus motor cars—this is the latest...



Welcome to my Lotus Esprit pages.

This site contains details of my 1988 Lotus Esprit X180 and 1993 Esprit S4.

My wife is keen to remind me that I don’t really need two Lotus Esprits.  This is probably true.  I guess that one of them will have to go eventually so if you think you might be interested then let me know.

I have started to include one or two “how to” guides for some of the jobs that I’ve done, though Lotus Esprit World is clocking up guides on just about everything from changing the cam belts (challenging) to changing the dust caps (much less so).

The site also hosts a parts cross reference spreadsheet.


To contact us:

Aside from the Lotus marque, I am a season ticket holder at Bristol Rovers Football Club, enjoy amateur astronomy and I like to play with radio control cars - the nitro methane jobs rather than the electric ones which are just toys.


Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit Flies like a banana.

(Groucho Marx)

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